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Caboo Paper Products Now Available at all 85 Wegmans Locations

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Caboo sugarcane and bamboo paper products are now available at all 85 Wegmans supermarket locations throughout 6 states in the US.

“We’re so excited to be able to provide Wegmans customers with our sugarcane and bamboo paper product line and look forward to serving more customers on the east coast”, says CEO, Albert Addante.

Wegmans, a New York based supermarket, has a long American history on the east coast dating back to 1916 when it first started. Today Wegmans has over 84 locations in 6 states in the US with nearly 45,000 employees. And they have a huge fan base. Just last year Wegmans ranked one of the 10 Best Supermarkets in America, according to Consumer Reports. Here’s what some people have to say:

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Here’s a few cool things about Wegmans and their involvement in their communities:

1. They Make Community Giving a Priority
Not only is Wegmans a supermarket that offers its customers a great shopping experience but also strongly believes in giving back and making a difference in the neighbourhoods they serve. Since 1916, Wegmans has given back to every neighborhood they do business in. Wegmans focuses on a few key giving priorities that vary from promoting health to feeding the hungry.

2. How They Promote Health & Nature Conservancy
One of the cool initiatives Wegmans came up with was their Eat Well, Live Well “Passport to Family Wellness” program. The company website states, ‘Over 60 Wegmans stores partner with town and city recreation programs park conservancy groups, fitness programs, and more – and hundreds of families are discovering the fun of hiking, skiing, canoeing, biking and exploring their town’s picturesque trails.’ We love how this program promotes health, a chance to connect with  nature and promotes nature conservancy.

3. Their Commitment to Organic Farming
Wegmans saw a growing demand and market for customers wanting organic food grown locally. So in 2007 they started their own organic farm! This allows Wegmans to bring locally grown organic foods to market using best practices.

wegmans organic farm

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Wegmans Locations
If you’re in the New York area, find a Wegman’s location near you: and look out for Caboo Paper Products while you’re there!

About Caboo
Caboo paper products made from renewable, fast-growing sugarcane and bamboo instead of trees. Sugarcane and bamboo are some of the fastest growing grasses on earth and do not require replanting.  Caboo product line includes bathroom tissue, facial tissue, kitchen roll towels and table napkins. Find out more about Caboo.



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