Hosting New Years – Eco-Friendly Style

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Who doesn’t love a good New Year’s party? But like most parties, it can come with a lot of waste. As we end one year and begin another why not plan a party eco-style! Here are some eco-friendly party tips, decorating advice and food and drink ideas that will help you throw the best green party of the year!

1)      Avoid cheap throw-away decorations and look for re-usable decorations or ones that can be recycled. Candlelight and foliage go a long way to create a nice atmosphere. Remember not all candles are created equally. Look for one made of natural wax and essential oils. We like Canadian made Honey Candles made from natural beeswax.

2)      Use your tableware, cutlery and glasses if possible. If you don’t have enough consider a party rental service or opt for bamboo plates, cutlery and compostable cups that have less of an impact than paper plates and plastic cutlery. Susty Party and Green Munch have a full range of super stylish eco-friendly party supplies.

3)      Repurpose your wine and lemonade bottles for water, punch and other beverages. Use glass food jars to hold snacks and dips.

4)      Make some earth-friendly snacks.  Local, organic and in season are the best choices and have less impact on the environment. Vegetarian options also have a smaller impact than meat dishes. Here are 5 tasty, easy and quick vegetarian holiday appetizers from Ecosalon.

5)      Serve local beer and wine. Imported beverages uses more fuel. Stick to a feature cocktail using in season fruit like apple or pear Martinis.

We hope these tips will help you throw a fantastic green New Year’s party!

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