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5 Innovative Products for Eco Entertaining

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With the holiday approaching and US Thanksgiving around the corner, we’ve rounded up 5 great products to put on your shopping list for entertaining in eco-style.

1. Bambeco Maya Recycled Tumbler Glasses – Glassware hand-blown by artisans and made from recycled glass soda bottles. To buy: $25 for set of 4. Company:

2. Ecoaccent Green Dandelion Burlap Table Runner – Made from burlap providing durability but with the refinement of linen like jute. To buy: $40 per table runner. Company:

3. Eco Candle Co. 16 oz. Tumber Eco Candle – Hand-poured in Wisconsin using natural soybeans. Free from pollutants, toxins and carcinogens. To buy: $20 per candle. Company:

4. Caboo Table Napkins – 100% tree-free, made from renewable bamboo and sugarcane. Find retailers:

5. VerTerra Palm Leaf Bowl 6” x 8”Made from just fallen leaves and water. They’re non-toxic, biodegradable, compostable and durable. To buy: $16 for 25/pkg. Company:


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