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Choose Sustainable Bamboo and Sugarcane Paper

Caboo toilet paper, kitchen roll and other paper products are made from
fast-growing, renewable sugarcane and bamboo instead of trees.

The Sustainable
Alternative to Trees

Bamboo and sugarcane are grasses, not hardwoods, are extremely fast-growing (just three months), and don’t require replanting.

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Help Preserve Our
Natural Resources

Humans consume about 27,000 trees daily for toilet paper.  Using treeless products reduces over-logging and deforestation.

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Soft, Strong and

Caboo paper is as soft as it is sustainable. Bamboo’s natural fibers also make it strong, plus our bath tissue is 100% biodegradable.

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Get Sustainable Living Tips

Together, we can help protect our environment for future generations through the choices we make every day.  Follow our blog to learn about simple, sustainable solutions you can incorporate into your daily life.

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Manufacturer Certifications

We take pride in creating a high quality, standards-approved product.
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