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Bamboo Flushable Wipes
Bamboo Flushable Wipes
Bamboo Flushable Wipes
Bamboo Flushable Wipes

Bamboo Flushable Wipes

180 Wipes - $19.99
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Meet the world’s first CERTIFIED* flushable wipe for all caboos. Nothing beats the extra clean of a wipe. But most wipes are made of microplastic leaching nylon and virgin trees. And then you can’t even flush them. Our wipes are made from sustainable bamboo and are scientifically designed to dissolve in your septic system making them safe for you, the planet and the plumbing. 99.3% naturally derived and unscented.

1. Made Safe Certified
2. Earth-Friendly Bamboo
3. Free from harsh chemicals

You can go without the trees

Gentle to baby's skin
99% Naturally Derived
Alcohol Free
Caboo Tree Free Bathroom Products

Gentle for baby
Gentle for earth

Our ingredients: Water, Glycerin, sodium benzoate, sodium citrate, citric acid, aloe and Vitamin E

Fast-growing bamboo grows back in 3 years not 30 years.

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