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Tree-Free Baby Wipes
Tree-Free Baby Wipes package
Tree-Free Baby Wipes poop
Tree-Free Baby Wipes Bamboo

Tree-Free Baby Wipes

432 Wipe Box - $29.99

Softest and gentlest for your boo. Strongest for you! Bamboo fibers naturally spin a soft and sturdier wipe. Caboo Bamboo Baby Wipes are 99.3% naturally derived and unscented. Unlike more than 95% of baby wipes, ours contain no nylon or plastic fibers, no trees, and no harsh chemicals. Please do not flush. 

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1. Gentlest clean that’s 99.3% naturally derived & 97.5% water
2. Safely unscented
3. Naturally softer & stronger than regular wipes
4. XL size for the biggest caboos
5. Keeps forests standing & limits microplastics

You can go without the trees

Gentle to baby's skin
99% Naturally Derived
Alcohol Free

Gentle for baby & earth

Our ingredients: Water, Glycerin, sodium benzoate, sodium citrate, citric acid, aloe and Vitamin E

Fast-growing bamboo grows back in 3 years not 30 years.

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