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Tree-Free Bamboo Toilet Paper
Tree-Free Toilet Paper roll
Tree-Free Toilet Paper Bathroom
Tree-Free Toilet Paper in the wild
Tree-Free Toilet Paper bamboo

Tree-Free Bamboo Toilet Paper

24 Rolls - $34.99
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You don’t need trees for great TP! Our tree-free bamboo toilet paper is kind to body, loved by septic systems and deeply better for the earth. Absorbent emboss helps keep things tidy with no linty bits. Made from soft & sustainable bamboo. 24 long lasting rolls in each box. 400 sheets per roll. 

No wood : tree free!
<1 gallon of water per roll
Bamboo regrows in 1-2 years
1.5 lbs of wood per roll
37 gallons of water per roll
Trees take 30 years to grow

You can go without the trees

Septic Safe
BPA Free
Caboo Tree Free Bathroom Products

Why Bamboo?

The paper industry clear cuts 1,000,000 acres of North American boreal forest each year. While trees may be replanted (and re-cut) the forest is gone forever. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing, least needy grasses on the planet. Bamboo uses a fraction of the water to grow and produce. And, bamboo does not require chemical pesticides or herbicides to grow and thrive. Daily decisions like choosing Caboo do make a difference. We and the forest thank you!

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