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Product FAQ

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Why bamboo?

The paper industry clear cuts 1,000,000 acres of North American boreal forest each year. While trees may be replanted (and re-cut) the forest is gone forever. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing, least needy grasses on the planet. Bamboo uses a fraction of the water to grow and produce. And, bamboo does not require chemical pesticides or herbicides to grow and thrive. Daily decisions like choosing Caboo do make a difference. We and the forest thank you!

Where is your bamboo grown?

The bamboo we use for Caboo is grown in the Sichuan region of Western China. This region contains the bamboo type and quantities needed to effectively develop pulp for paper making. We source our bamboo from local bamboo farms.

Is your product bleached?

Our bamboo pulp is bleached using a non-toxic ECF bleaching method.  This method removes any harmful dioxins that would normally appear in a Chlorine-bleached pulp.

Does harvesting bamboo impact panda habitat?

We source our bamboo from farms and not from forests. The species of bamboo used for pulp making is a different species to what panda bears eat.